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Cooperation with UNESCO schools

From 25 th to 28 th October, the chairman of "Education Lavanttal" and project manager of the European education network "EcoMedia Europe" stayed in the French capital Paris.
Eile took the opportunity to visit the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

With the Austrian UNESCO Ambassador Ms. Claudia Reinprecht he had an interesting exchange of experiences.
On the subject of "New Media and Communication Techniques in Education", UNESCO and the European Institutions, in collaboration with the European Educational Network "EcoMedia-Europe", they are pursuing the same goals, according to the UNESCO Ambassador Dr. Reinprecht.

UNESCO schools have a model character, which expresses itself in a special pedagogical attitude. Learning is understood as an action-oriented process. Interdisciplinary, intercultural cooperation and a high degree of teamwork are maintained at the school. Topics such as World Heritage, sustainable development, peace education, human rights and gender equity, biodiversity and climate change, tolerance and interculturality are treated in the classroom and taught in project work.
At the same time, the schools are critically examining the consequences of rapid technologization by increasingly focusing on information literacy.
It was agreed to exchange the international experiences in the education sector.

There was a guided tour of the UNESCO House in Paris. In the Austrian Embassy was an interesting exchange of experiences on politics in France and a look at the future of Europe with former Secretary General of the Council of Europe and former Minister and today's President of the European House of Paris, Ms Caterine Laiumiere. An impressive european personality.

On the Austrian National Day Herbert Eile was invited to come to the Embassy in Paris for a reception. Here new interesting contacts could be made.


Global Education in aRural Environment -

ecoMEDIAeurope Conference & Teacher Training
Iceland, 15th – 19th October 2018

Conference presentation
Conference presentation Island 2018.pdf (5.91MB)
Conference presentation
Conference presentation Island 2018.pdf (5.91MB)

For more information on the conference Iceland:

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The 13 th ecoMEDIAeurope conference & Teacher Training in Iceland was without a doubt a great success. 83 participants from 9 countries enjoyed the hospitality of Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga, a school in the North of Iceland where they practice what we preach. The exceptional atmosphere at the conference created truly inspiring talks and networking.

The conference was organized by The Tröllaskagi Upper-Secondary School, in cooperation with the Icelandic Directorate of Education, Science and Culture, The University of Akureyri and The University of Iceland.

Speeches have been focusing on teaching and learning from various perspectives, ranging from national educational policies to practical examples of cool tools. An analysis based on the frequency of words of all the 34 submitted abstracts provides clear evidence of the topics covered.

Speakers abstracts
Speakers abstracts ecomedia iceland.pdf (6.32MB)
Speakers abstracts
Speakers abstracts ecomedia iceland.pdf (6.32MB)


Kalamata Summer Academy

July 1st-7th, 2018


Modern Manufacturing Methods in Metal

- A week of theory and practice

Training Course
Nov. 11th– 17th, 2018

Lecture 'Industrie 4.0', Mobile automation for high-speed CNC-bending ,
Autodesk Fusion 360, CNC 3D-watercutting, Robot training system KUGA

For further information please see metaltraining/

EU- REFERENCE NUMBER Staatl. Berufsschulzentrum WIESAU: PIC 946378949

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Latest newsletter
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