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Cooperation with UNESCO schools


From 25 th to 28 th October, the chairman of "Education Lavanttal" and project manager of the European education network "EcoMedia Europe" stayed in the French capital Paris.
Eile took the opportunity to visit the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

With the Austrian UNESCO Ambassador Ms. Claudia Reinprecht he had an interesting exchange of experiences.
On the subject of "New Media and Communication Techniques in Education", UNESCO and the European Institutions, in collaboration with the European Educational Network "EcoMedia-Europe", they are pursuing the same goals, according to the UNESCO Ambassador Dr. Reinprecht.

UNESCO schools have a model character, which expresses itself in a special pedagogical attitude. Learning is understood as an action-oriented process. Interdisciplinary, intercultural cooperation and a high degree of teamwork are maintained at the school. Topics such as World Heritage, sustainable development, peace education, human rights and gender equity, biodiversity and climate change, tolerance and interculturality are treated in the classroom and taught in project work.
At the same time, the schools are critically examining the consequences of rapid technologization by increasingly focusing on information literacy.
It was agreed to exchange the international experiences in the education sector.

There was a guided tour of the UNESCO House in Paris. In the Austrian Embassy was an interesting exchange of experiences on politics in France and a look at the future of Europe with former Secretary General of the Council of Europe and former Minister and today's President of the European House of Paris, Ms Caterine Laiumiere. An impressive european personality.

On the Austrian National Day Herbert Eile was invited to come to the Embassy in Paris for a reception. Here new interesting contacts could be made.


Kalamata Summer Academy

July 1st-7th, 2018



Summer Academy 2018 Dissemination

Summer Academy 2018, Erasmus+ Key Activity (KA) 1 teacher training course, titled «Physical Computing: Sensing and Interacting with the environment» took place in Kalamata, Peloponnese Prefecture in the south of Greece, from 1 st to 7 th July 2018, and was organized by the Education Office of Peloponnese via its Secondary Education Directorate of Kalamata under the umbrella of the ecoMEDIA European ICT Network. The training course thoroughly examined the exploitation of Computational Thinking through STEM in Education on a European level and focused on three (3) modules: Learning to put into effect the Micro:bit, Arduino & Raspberry PI platforms. Specifically, the taught modules were the following:

  • Micro:bit: basics and workshop
  • Arduino:      basics and workshop
  • Raspberry pi: basics and workshop
  • In-depth activity (via Project based learning – PBL) in one or in a combination of      the above platforms of choice

The specific teacher training course constituted an opportunity for European teachers of various specializations to update and further discuss their teaching practices while at the same time they were able to share their experiences in innovations in New Technologies as regards Computational Thinking in different Disciplines, a new but already significant key competence according to EU as well as an essential 21 st century skill.

Summary of Activities

The course opened on Sunday, July 1 at the 10 th Primary School of Kalamata with remarks by Dir Herbert Eile, Chair of the Ecomedia ICT network, the Head of Peloponnisos Education Directorate and went on with traditional music by the music school of Kalamata and continued with keynote speeches by professor Erwin Bratengeyer, Danube University of Krems, and Inga Eirisksdottir, ICT teacher from Iceland. From Monday, July 2 till Friday, July 6, 48 teachers – trainees from different European countries, Iceland, Austria, Germany, Latvia and Greece, worked on 3 STEM platforms namely Micro:bit, Arduino & Raspberry PI. At the same time, the Mayor of Kalamata met the Chair of the Ecomedia ICT network, Dir Herbert Eile, and the scientific coordinator, professor Erwin Bratengeyer, for an exchange of ideas on both educational systems and cultural issues as well as about a future cooperation between the two cities, Wolfsberg, Austria, and Kalamata, Greece.

In the afternoons, there were such activities as a Gala dinner in Bougas school where teachers presented their educational organizations, olive oil tasting, Archeological museum and city tour, boat trip, dinner in the mountains seeing to the Messinian Bay, dinner close to the sea and salsa night out. Finally, the teachers’ own projects were presented in a special Hall in the Costa navarino resort on Saturday, July 7 wrapping – up in this way the Summer Academy 2018 event. None of the above activities would have been possible if the Chair of the network, Herbert Eile, the scientific coordinator, Erwin Bratengeyer, and, our European colleagues, of course, had not crossed Europe to find us here in its southern part.  It has been a unique experience both in scientific and cultural level.

Follow –up

Details can still be found on the course site,, and a follow-up activity will go on for one month or so after the end of the course. The follow-up activity involves interaction (Questions –Answers/Q & A mainly via mails or other mode selected by trainees) on the material as well as any other relevant question(s).

On behalf of the organizing team





12th ecoMEDIAeurope Conference 2017

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 2017, Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

Developing Europe's young workforce through digital learning”.

Local Organization: New College Lanarkshire



Conference review

New College Lanarkshire -  PIC code is 949397783


EcoMedia Cooperation with educational institutions in Gliwice in Poland

From 19 th - 22 nd October 2017 a large EcoMedia network conference took place with the educational facilities of the city Gliwice in Poland. The city of Gliwice in Poland is the fourth largest city in Silesia and has 200.000 inhabitants. With 70.000 students Gliwice is the largest technical center for vocational training in Poland. The conference took place at the CKZIU Educational Center with 180 participants. The EcoMedia coordinator and chairman of "Education im Lavanttal", Dir. Herbert Eile from Austria, arrived with 40 principals and pedagogues to get to know the educational system in Poland and to discuss future Erasmus+ school partnership projects and to spread EcoMedia-Europe in Poland.

EcoMedia coordinator Dir. Herbert Eile presented the European educational network EcoMedia-Europe with a focus on the subject of digital learning with priority on the new european school. In the future, a great digital "revolution" is about to happen. Due to the rapid technical developments of the new media, the teacher training can not keep pace in many countries. Therefore, education 4.0 is a key issue in Europe! That´s why the international exchange of experience and international networking will be more important in the future for realizing the european educational area. EcoMedia-Europe as a European educational network with national partners from over 20 nations offers an ideal platform.

Dir. Krystian Szatka from Gliwice School of Vocational Education organized the important EcoMedia network conference. Participants were representatives of the city of Gliwice, the Directorate-General for local government of Silesia, the school representatives from Gliwice, television and the regional media. Several schools from Gliwice presented their innovative projects, particularly in vocational education and training, in cooperation with major economic enterprises such as Opel. Dir. Norbert Aichholzer (AT), who is in charge of EcoMedia european issues for vocational education referred to the EcoMedia Metal Congress in Wolfsberg (AT) in November 2016, where these experiences influenced teacher training in Austria at the Ministry level.

Young polish “guest-students” from Ukraine completed the cultural program. At the GALA evening in Toszek Castle (PL) hospitality gifts were exchanged and EcoMedia founder Dr. Aleksandra Malec could be welcomed.


Hellenic Republic'
Ministry of Education, Research & Religious Affairs
Education Office of Peloponnese Prefecture
Elementary Education Office of Messinia Division

Summer Academy 2017 in the frame of the Ecomedia European network as regards the use of ICT in Education

Kalamata Summer Academy 2017 is an ICT training course which aspires to train teachers of different specializations to include innovative technologies in their teaching practices. For this year, 2017, the Summer Academy training event focused on training teachers to be able to use a specific Learning Management System (LAMS), a simple computer programming language for Android mobile devices, AppInventor2, as well as Educational Robotics with Lego Mindstorms.  It was held in Kalamata, Peloponnese (south Greece) from Sunday, 9 th July to Sunday, 16 th July 2017. The Elementary Education Office of Messinia Division of the Peloponnese, in which Kalamata is located, undertook the organization of the training course.   

The taught modules were as follows: 

  • Creation of "digital lesson plans" with LAMS software (LAMS) ( ) , workshop delivered by Dr.     Spyridon Papadakis, ICT School Consultant in the Ministry of Education
  • Programming for Android phones or tablets with App Inventor 2 (Application used in combination with recipes for traditional      foods), workshop delivered by Dr. Georgia Spala, ICT School Consultant in the Ministry of Education and  Mr. Nikolaos Papathomopoulos, ICT teacher in Kalamata
  • Introduction to Educational Robotics with Lego Mindstorms, workshop delivered by Mr. Gregory Tsonis and Ms. Eleni Lianou, ICT teachers in Kalamata
  • Practical workshops presented by trainees

The trainees had the opportunity to experience, apart from the scientific issues of the course, the lifestyle of the city of Kalamata. They visited the Archaeological Museum of the city and were tour guided through some of its cultural sites (castle, monastery and many more). They tasted local products, ‘saw’ the night life, cooked with trainee chefs (!) for the needs of the AppInventor seminar and, of course, had the chance to swim in the beautiful and clean waters of the area. You can see more on . Hopefully, next year will be a new opportunity for learning and holiday making in Kalamata! 

It goes without saying that, the following colleagues volunteered for this event to become a reality and should receive our gratitude: 

Scientific Editor of   Summer Academy Program

Georgia Spala

Scientific Editor of   Organizational Committee

Evangelos Papagiannakis

Organizing Committee

Angeliki Anagnostopoulou
Dimitris Economopoulos
Styliani Sarantopoulou
Dimitrios Sarris

Invited Local   Trainers

Spyridon Papadakis
Eleni Lianou
Gregory Tsonis
Nikolaos Papathomopoulos
Elias Papageograkopoulos

Organizational   Committee Project Managers

Athanasia Georgopoulou
Angeliki Karli
Georgia Korakovouni
Sophia Konstantinea
Ioanna Lambropoulou
Elias Markakis
Irini Masouridi
Marina Michalopoulou
Anna Chara Tenente
Eleni Androutsaki

Last but not least, we’re addressing our warmest thank you to the chair of the Ecomedia Network, Dir Herbert Eile, who traveled all the way from Wolfsberg to Vienna and then to Kalamata to honor us with his presence and his valuable advice about all European projects and conference/training matters.     

We are expecting you all next year!

Europe celebrates 30 years of Erasmus!

These days the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Erasmus take place in many EU countries.

The Austrian National Agency ÖEAD celebrated this remarkable birthday with all the federal states in the Sofienensäle in Vienna on 9 th May as part of a festive event "From Erasmus to Ersamus+ - 30 years perspectives and horizons". In addition to representatives from all fields of education, youth organizations, culture and sport the following honorable guests, among others, took part in the festivities:
EU Commissioner Dr. Johannes Hahn
Minister of Education Sonja Hammerschid
Federal Minister for Youth and Family Sophie Karmasin.

In discussions with young Erasmus exchange students, the meaning and success of the Erasmus programs were brought to life as well as where you could experience Europe. During this period, more than 9 million travelers were supported by the European Union through these EU mobility programs. 240.000 participants were from Austria. This international experience is also the way to the European education area. Erasmus+ is one of the most efficient funding and mobility program in the European Union, with around € 2 billion a year available.

On the picture there is to be seen the chairman of "Education Lavanttal" and project manager of the European education network EcoMedia-Europa Herbert Eile with Georg Paschinger, national consultant for compulsory education.

In another photo, the chairman Herbert Eile is to be seen with the EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Debates, Dr. Johannes Hahn. In addition to the european "pioneering spirit“, they also have a personal friendship for many years


Metal Congress 2016 Wolfsberg (AT) Review


Dir. Herbert Eile, Chairman of ecoMEDIA-europe

Dr. Christian Dorninger, Federal Ministry of Education

Opening ceremony, school-choir Primary School St. Johann

Dr. Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia

Tagungspräsidium: Mr. McGuire, Anna Zurawik, Herbert Eile, Bernhard Schwab, Norbert Aichholzer

Opening ceremony



Roman Senderek Industrial Management 4.0, UNI Aachen

Zhang-Zhenzhong metal engineering in China

Herbert Bickelmann Autodesk Europa, the future in construction with industry 4.0


Empfang bei Bgm. Hans Peter Schlagholz im Rathausfestsaal

Ehrenurkunde ecoMEDIA-Promotor für Bgm. Hans Peter Schlagholz

Überreichung von Gastgeschenken

Ehrung für zahlreiche ecoMEDIA-Pioniere: Andreas Büttner, Wolfgang Prebeck, Bernhard Schwab (DE), Dir. Krystian Zatka, Bogumila Kluszczynska (PL), Ibolya Karolyi (HU), Tanya Tyurkedzhieva (BG), Vegard Viksmoen (N), Michael Mc Guire, Stephen Fleming (UK),Mag. Andrea Hofer, Mag. Monika Puggl-Stromberger, Prof.Mag.Josef Barth (AT), Mijo Matosevic (CRO)

Digital media in preschool and kindergarten (CH)  


Information from the first ecoMEDIA conference on early media education in preschool and kindergarten.
All slides (see program) and photos in the media gallery (password: ecoMEDIA2016) as well as a video 
can be downloaded from the conference website at
Flyer german
Flyer english

Conference program
General information Iasi
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10.Thematic European Education Conference

EcoMedia+Ministry of Education of the Republic of Croatia
"Education and ICT - Where do Teachers go?"

Conference Center Hotel Panorama, Zagreb

November 9.- 13. 2015 in Zagreb (HR)

Conference Homepage
Conference newsletter

Conference presentation
Conference presentation Zagreb 2015.pdf (8.31MB)
Conference presentation
Conference presentation Zagreb 2015.pdf (8.31MB)